WeCare Members Update: Taking Your Pharmacy From DRAB to FAB

by WeCare Marketing
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Sales have slowed and you can’t understand why?

In your opinion, the pharmacy still looks okay, there’s stock on the shelves…but there seems to be less and less feet through the door lately.

At a closer glance, the outside window displays haven’t changed in such a long time they have permanent dust patterns on them. Faded, peeling vinyl’s and a mismatched theme give the outside of the store a tired, outdated look, not to mention the patchwork of posters littered across the front.

Stepping inside isn’t much better

The floor is dirty in high traffic areas and there are torn footprint stickers with toes missing, that lead to an empty spot in the middle of nowhere. 

Even if you re-vamped in the past few years, stock boxes soon find homes in places they don’t belong or stock that was moved “temporarily” to a dark corner “just for now” is still there years later. The baby stock now resides in the vitamins section.  Or maybe you’ve been planning the revamp for how long and just aren’t getting around to it. If this sounds familiar, read on…

You may not even n
otice anymore…

You May Not Even Notice Anymore…The look, layout and general “feel” of your store eventually becomes normal, something that you and your team no longer notice.

Whether you walk through your store door seven days a week, five or only one, chances are you don’t walk through wearing “new eyes” or “customer eyes”.

I like to call it “mother-in-law eyes”, because it’s like when your mother-in-law plans to visit, you suddenly realise you need to completely renovate your entire house by Saturday! And your patients are no different! They notice everything from the stain on the ceiling to the faded sign on the front door and, yes, your worn-out welcome mat.  

If you don’t have the budget or the time right now for a complete overhaul, don’t distress! There’s a lot that you can do immediately and inexpensively to make an instant improvement.

To assist, we’ve developed the WeCare “Walk Through”, a method to quickly identify and rectify problem areas.

At the end of this letter, we’ve put down just a few examples of some of the things we look at. (You can print and use these daily)

Merchandising Update - July 2018-07

These are just a few things that you can start to look at. Our merchandising team are happy to come and do a complete “Walk Through” of your pharmacy and guide you with suggestions on how to start making improvements.

They can also break down the suggestions into what needs to be done immediately, what can be done a little down the line and some longer-term ideas that may cost more or need more planning.


So, did you make the call to set up a meeting with a WeCare Merchandiser? 
If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?  

Call the Business Centre on 087 802 2621 today to schedule your
FREE Merchandising consultation!


Kind Regards, 

Mandy Hoffeldt 
National WeCare Manager


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