Free IBM BigFix endpoint health check

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South African company Thuthukani Information Technology Services, in partnership with IBM and AgentX, is offering customers a free IBM BigFix endpoint health check.

BigFix Detect integrates advanced attack detection with the industry’s broadest set of remediation capabilities into a single endpoint security platform.

This transforms the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) market, which primarily focuses on detection but provides attack surface reduction or incident remediation.

BigFix Detect also goes far beyond standard Indicator of Compromise (IoC) analysis to identify the Indicators of Attack (IoA) created by evasive behavior and malware associated with targeted cyber-attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

By integrating with a massive library of remediation packages, this can drastically improve the effectiveness of your endpoint security and management programs.

The 48-hour process

Thuthukani and AgentX will install BigFix on up to 1,000 endpoints of your choice, after which you will discover previously unidentified and unmanaged endpoints.

BigFix will then deliver endpoint patch and AV compliance reports, after which you can remediate and enforce required patches in minutes. The entire process takes only 48 hours.

To sign up for this health check, visit the Thuthukani website and fill out the form provided.



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